February 24, 2018

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Information & Assistance
Phone: 901-222-4111
Angela Hastings Service Coordinator ahastings@agingcommission.org
Anitra Rogers QA Manager arogers@agingcommission.org
Annette Mathews Public Guardian Specialist amathews@agingcommission.org
Tasha Phillips Receptionist tphillips@agingcommission.org
Cinder Jones Budget Analyst cjones@agingcommission.org
Andra Amerson Service Coordinator aamerson@agingcommission.org
Terri Bourage Intake Assessment Specialist tbourage@agingcommission.org
Daniel C. Park IT Manager cpark@agingcommission.org
Dayna Jones Admin Tech djones@agingcommission.org
Lejoyi White-pollard Clerical Specialist lwhite-pollard@agingcommission.org
Gerald Sardin
Office System Tech
Gloria Jackson Clerical Specialist gjackson@agingcommission.org
Gloria L Collins COO/Manager glynch@agingcommission.org
Lakesha Stewart Admin Tech lstewart@agingcommission.org
Tawanda Batts Admin Tech tbatts@agingcommission.org
Jennifer Lowe QA Specialist jlowe2@agingcommission.org
Joanne Lowe CHOICES Outreach Coord. jslowe@agingcommission.org
Karen Blanton
Intake Assessment Specialist
Kathryn Coulter CDO/Manager kcoulter@agingcommission.org
Kathy Williams CFO/Manager kwilliams@agingcommission.org
Kisha Stewart Service Coordinator kstewart@agingcommission.org
Kimberly Meabon  Public Guardian Volunteer Coordinator kmeabon@agingcommission.org
Latasha Richmond Public Guardian Specialist 
Latonya Buchanan CLS Ombudsman  lbuchanan@agingcommission.org 
Laura Pounder I & A Specialist lpounder@agingcommission.org
Linda King Contracts Analyst lking@agingcommission.org
Linda Owens Finance & Adm. Coordinator lowens@agingcommission.org
Dorothy Bogard Assistant Public Guardian dbogard@agingcommission.org
Marticia Taylor Choices Coordinator
Christopher Pirkle I & A Specialist mcpirkle@agingcommission.org
Tracy Morris Choices QA Coordinator tmorris@agingcommission.org
Jocelyn Taylor Admin Tech jtaylor@agingcommission.org
Peggy Dobbins Public Guardian Manager pdobbins@agingcommission.org
Precilla Bobo CHOICES I & A Specialist pbobo@agingcommission.org

Sandra Smith I & A Specialist ssmith@agingcommission.org
Sharon Williams
CHOICES Program Manager
Stephanie Harris Service Coordinator sharris@agingcommission.org
Stephanie Towns Choices Outreach Coordinator stowns@agingcommission.org
Vickie Green I & A Specialist vgreen@agingcommission.org

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